Area rugs are rugs that only covers part of the floor of a room. They are special types of carpets that cover areas such as on the door step and below some furniture. These rugs keep the room looking pleasant to the eye. This is by adding texture, warmth and color to the space. The rugs are usually placed on strategic places and they therefore undergo a lot of traffic. They are at a high probability of getting dirt and grime. You can however maintain them clean and beautiful by contacting us the carpet cleaning service Epping Company.

We are properly equipped to deal with any time of rugs you may have. The specific attention desired is given to the specific rug. Some types of rugs include; oriental rugs, area rugs, domestic rugs, braided rugs, hooked and handmade oriental rugs. Our technicians are certified meaning they are well trained and experienced to cater for your rugs. The experts deal with all the cleaning as you want them to. Our methods of cleaning are modern and therefore some through work is done. No dirt and stain is left out. The bad odor too is gotten rid of. We also adopt the application of stain resistant after cleaning to prolong the time they stay clean. Other special services are the rug repairing. If the rugs are worn out due to the wear and tear with time, we can re-fringe and re-paddle them for you.





The rugs can be brought to our main headquarters or we can come to your place. We first do some assessment on the rugs. This is the primary inspection that is thorough to help determine the current rug condition. The results are then used to come up with the choice of treatment applicable to the specific rug. The most appropriate wash process is also determined. The inspection is based on the following criteria.

  • Level of wear and tear
  • Number and type of stains
  • Color stability
  • Rug condition
  • Color bleed


After pre-treatment, the removal of dirt comes next. We have our quality equipment for this purpose. The rug then becomes fresh and open for other types of cleaning

Rug cleaning

We clean the rugs using special methods. Both sides of rugs are washed thoroughly. The shampoos are used for this purpose. The rug is then rinsed to remove all dirt and detergent residues. We then dry the rugs. The drying takes a minimum of about six hours.