We Epping company offer our customer commercial carpet cleaning services too. These are in their offices and businesses. The work environments where you work deserve and are recommended clean. This is for your own safety and comfort. The work in commercial places is serious and usually done by serious people who are professionals. Their work places should therefore similarly look professional. When your clients get into your offices, they need to see tidiness and professional looks. Dirty and stained carpets are on the contrary of these and will keep off your clients. You don’t have to panic however because we are here for you. Invite us to your work places and we will do the necessary.

We are also professionals and this will make our interaction better. We are experienced and our technicians are trained to give their best. The services we offer include;

Carpet cleaning

Your workplaces have some carpets. These carpets are often forgotten and cleaning them is rare. This can make the appearance of the office not pleasing. We offer carpet cleaning services to you. We use our quality products, equipment and personnel to clean your carpets and give them a deep, healthier and long-lasting clean. We use carbonation concept to lift dirt to the carpet surface where cleaning them is easier. We use less water and hence the drying time is reduced to about two hours. We understand that you have little time for cleaning and that’s why we make it fast.

Area rugs cleaning

What we can do on the carpets can also be done on area rugs. They are simpler to clean because they cover lesser areas. Our cleaning for them is gentle to preserve the dye within rug fibers. This keeps them bright, clean and as good as new. Contact us and we give you a super clean.

Upholstery cleaning

These are coverings (padding and springs and webbing and fabric) on a piece of furniture. These are also found on some work places. We do a special cleaning for them. They attract dirt, allergens and grime just like the carpets and rugs do. These are not even on the floor but visible to everyone in the room. They therefore require some cleaning in their lifetime. In offices, they can be contributing factors chasing away your customers.

Necessary cleaning

The commercial places should not just be cleaned normally. They require some special attention. Vacuuming is an essential one on regular basis. Certified technicians should be the only ones allowed to do the cleaning work. We Epping company are qualified and certified to do this. We are ready to help you in any of the commercial cleaning.