Almost a half of human life is spent on bed. The beds therefore need to be comfortable to us as much as possible. Again, the reason for sleeping on beds is to relax and keep of the tires of the day. The mattress cleaning should be regular to help you keep off mould, dangerous organisms and dust mites. This is for the health of the family. Under normal conditions, most mattresses usually contain fungi, bacteria and dust mites in dangerous quantities that may harmful for us. The nasties are likely to lead to skin allergies and respiratory complications like asthma. The bed conditions are ideal for survival of most bacteria and fungi. Many people assume the cleaning of mattresses and they don’t actually able to tell where they get some complications. The answer to them is that the mattress can be the source of trouble. Some people let the mattress run through their lifetime without a single cleaning especially in the third world countries. We the carpet cleaning Epping Company deals with mattress cleaning services too. We deal with all types of mattresses. You just need to contact us and the problem is considered solved.

Methods we use to clean mattresses

  • Vacuuming – a vacuum which is an electrical home appliance that cleans by suction is essential here. We use this piece of equipment to suck the dirt particles that are in the mattress.
  • Upholstery cleaning – we also use an upholstery cleaner to clean the mattresses. They are meant for use in cleaning the surfaces that come into contact with your skin such as the couch. They work well and also removes dust mites together with their refuse.
  • Enzyme cleaners – these are very effective cleaners. A mattress can be a hard material to clean. By use of enzyme cleaners, it is simplified. They work better than the detergents and soaps. They help to break the stain’s structure so that the cleaning is simplified. The stains are lessened and cleaning such is much simpler.
  • Hydrogen peroxide use – the chemical can be applied to the mattress while it is still bubbling. The application should be at places where there are stains. It can help remove the stains of all kinds. It also lessens others so that they are easily cleaned by water. Blot the chemical using whit, dry and clean piece of cloth to ensure that you don’t add dirt to the mattress.

There are many other method we use to clean your mattress. We prefer using a couple of techniques to ensure that your mattress remains as clean as possible. Your obligation is to contact us and give us your specifications and we will take over from there.