Carpet cleaning Epping are also dedicated to providing you a variety of residential cleaning services. The homes deserve to be clean, tidy and pleasant to the eyes for you to get peace and comfort when you are in there. This cannot be achieved by the dirty and stained carpets. If you have such problems, contact us and we will be right there doing what we do best. Our services are quality and guaranteed. Considering that it is your territory, we work under the clients who have full control. You give us your specifications and we do exactly that for your maximum satisfaction.

How do we do it?

The carpets are known to constantly absorb dirt. They are also affected by the fact that they are indoors where activities are taking place. Stains from foods and other substances also make them dirty. They therefore require cleaning at least twice a year. We like to help you achieve the carpet cleanliness by offering our services to you. We carpet cleaning Epping will work on your carpets and leave them new like. Our equipment is quality and they remove the dirt as well as the detergent and water used. Other companies tend to leave your carpet wet and with detergent remains. Our process of cleaning involves the steps below

  • Inspection – we don’t start working on carpets like fools. We first do the primary assessment. This provides us with the basis to clean the carpet and the best method applicable to your specific carpet.
  • Stains pre-treatment – we then check for the existing stains and pre-treat them
  • Cleaning products application – we then apply the products such as detergents that help to loosen the ground in dirt and soil.
  • Rinsing – the carpet is then rinsed in hot and clean water for the perfect cleaning.
  • Stains post-treatment – the spots and stains that may have been left out are completely removed.
  • Carpet grooming – this is for drying and to give the carpet uniform appearance.
  • Pads under furniture – we apply some pads under the overlying furniture for protection of the carpet as the drying occur.
  • Final inspection – we don’t just leave without ensuring that you are certain we did the best you wanted. If you need us to add more or make a correction we do the final touches to ensure your satisfaction.

Our cleaning is based on customers’ preferences and methods. Ours is to complete the job give to us and efficiently. Contact us to serve you.