The rooms are made to be are beautiful as possible. This is the reason why the furniture are covered by upholsters. Upholsters however attract dirt, pollen, food crumbs, germs, blemishes and stains. Kids and pets are contributing factors to some of these dirt. These can’t be avoided no matter how much we try. The dirty upholsters therefore go against their purpose after some time. To correct this some cleaning has to be applied on them. Many see the process of cleaning such being hectic. Yes the process is hectic but we are here for you. The Epping carpet cleaning company simplifies things for you. All you need to do is give us a chance and your specifications. The rest is left for us to party. We are experienced in these line of services for several decades. Our processes do not affect your furniture and they are safe for the family.



We offer natural cleaning method

Natural ways are much recommended where possible to save our environment the agony. We are proud to clean your upholstery the natural way. We use the eco-friendly products such as carbonated solution for cleaning. These give a healthier, deep and pleasant cleaning. Safety of your family and workmen is also considered in this factor. Our products are harmless to humans and even pets. The process also ensures faster drying. Resoiling is also resisted.

Tiny bubbles work in breaking the grime and dirt trapped in the deeper ends of the fibers. The process then makes it simple to whisk away the dirt already brought to the surface. This method has been proved compatible with all types of upholstered furniture. Your furniture is perhaps included in the group. The natural method does not use detergents and soaps. These substances leave sticky and dirt attracting remains. This is avoided by carbonation. The furniture life is therefore prolonged.

Upholstery protectant

This is a special product that we the Epping carpet cleaning company use. They are specifically for keeping off stains and spots that are hard to remove by use of other methods. The spilling on the furniture cannot be avoided. These include drinks and food spills. We never forget to apply this product for you. Our professional technicians apply it on your furniture after cleaning to create barriers around fibers and hence resist staining. The lifetime is even longer with the use of this protectant. The product is compatible with many furniture and it repels liquids.